How is our Gradschool Conference Funded? [UPDATE]

This is a short update to the post How is our Gradschool Conference Funded?  At the time of writing that post, I didn’t have the 2014 data to hand. I’ve since been supplied it, so here is the data for 2014 (Fig. 1). This year, fewer Cuddly companies were contacted as a percentage of the…


Has the failure of CCS at Longannet returned to haunt us?

Today BBC News is reporting that Longannet power station in Fife (Scotland) is among the top 30 CO2 emitters in Europe, in terms of millions of tonnes of CO2 emitted per annum from coal-fired power generation. This comes from a report apparently produced jointly by the WWF, CAN Europe, the European Envionmental Bureau, the Health and Environment Alliance and…

Flue stack

1st North Sea Young CCS Researchers Conference, Rotterdam

A few weeks back, a bunch of early career researchers (ECR’s) from the UK, Netherlands and Norway met in Rotterdam to look at the latest developments in carbon capture and storage (CCS) in the Netherlands, and to negotiate a statement of intent called The First Declaration of Amsterdam. I wrote up the following text afterwards,…