GHGT12 Conference Poster

GHGT12, the biennial and largest conference on carbon capture and storage in the world, finishes today in Austin, Texas. I had the pleasure to attend this year to present my poster entitled “Metal mobility during UK North Sea geological CO2 storage“.

I’ll write up a bit more about the conference itself when I get back to the UK, and indeed talk a little more about the content of the poster itself, but in the meantime here are links to both the poster and the extended abstract/conference paper which accompanies it. The paper will be published properly in the International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control in the next few months.

The poster: IEA GHGT12 conference poster
The accompanying paper: IEA GHGT12 accompanying conference paper

I had a fair bit of interest in my poster (see Rachel’s photo, below), and was thrilled that Elizabeth Keating, Susan Carroll and Diana Bacon (among others) came and chatted to me about my work. I’m much lighter on business cards now than when I arrived here, that’s for sure.

GHGT12 poster crowd

A small crowd around my poster on Wednesday at GHGT12 in Austin. Photo credit: Rachel Kilgallon.

A big thanks to those who were tweeting #GHGT12 and helped promote my poster, it was a fun session! Any questions about the poster, the conference, or the conference paper then please get in touch!


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