1,557 days later…

There has been little activity on this blog for most of this year. The reason? I’ve been busy writing my PhD thesis! And now, finally, I have submitted it.

Well, it was submitted a couple of weeks ago now; December 16th 2015 to be precise. That was 1,557 ± 7 days since I started my doctorate studies (I can’t remember exactly which week I started!). Apparently this is 4 years and 3 months since beginning. I was funded for 3.5 years, and took 8 months off for various things so this only puts me 1 month late in finishing. Not bad considering the record of many others!

My final thesis came out at 248 pages, including the appendices. The word count is harder to pin down; the document was written and compiled in LaTeX, using Texmaker which has a built-in word count feature. It gives me a count of 90,634 words, but this includes all tables, captions, section titles, appendices, etc. A more representative count was obtained using TeXcount web service (version, which gave a total of 52,553 words. A significant difference in calculations!

And the title of my thesis?

Metal mobility in sandstones and the potential environmental impacts of offshore geological CO2 storage

Wish me luck for the thesis defence (Viva) which, all going well, will be in February. The thesis abstract page is below, for your interest.


Kit Carruthers PhD thesis abstract, Dec 2015.


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