You may now call me ‘Doctor’

The rule is that nothing’s official until it’s been blogged about. Thus, in this spirit, I would like to announce that I am now Dr. Carruthers! This is despite having successfully defended the thesis at my Viva at the end of February with only minor corrections.

But having now submitted those corrections, and now in possession of my letter confirming recommendation “…to the Senatus that [I] be awarded the degree of Doctor of Philosophy for [my] thesis entitled, “Metal mobility in sandstones and the potential environmental impacts of offshore geological CO2 storage”.“, I am finally Dr. Carruthers after 4.5 years of graft.

My bound thesis can now sit on a bookshelf somewhere gathering dust, or at least it will do once I’ve written some papers from it! I have to say that it was absolutely worth the time and effort. Many finish their thesis and cannot wait to put behind them the experience of being a PhD student. I rather enjoyed it, and certainly a better person (in many ways) for the experience.

The next step is graduation, and hopefully gainful employment. But, for the moment, I’m enjoying resting on my laurels.



3 thoughts on “You may now call me ‘Doctor’

  1. Hi there! Congratulations (A bit late now I guess seeing as we are in 2017) I am hoping to go into researching geological carbon storage in Edinburgh as well! I’m international though so may be a smidge bit more difficult to secure funding. Any tips on nailing a PhD interview?

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