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Edinburgh University fossil fuel divestment decision

Two days ago (12th May 2015) the University of Edinburgh concluded its review of fossil fuel divestment and published the report of the Fossil Fuels Review Group (report link). The accompanying press release summarised the decision as: In reaching its decision, the University does not see choices as limited to ‘no change’ or ‘pull out…


Has the failure of CCS at Longannet returned to haunt us?

Today BBC News is reporting that Longannet power station in Fife (Scotland) is among the top 30 CO2 emitters in Europe, in terms of millions of tonnes of CO2 emitted per annum from coal-fired power generation. This comes from a report apparently produced jointly by the WWF, CAN Europe, the European Envionmental Bureau, the Health and Environment Alliance and…


Q: High fuel bills? A: Low energy homes

If you live in the UK then you can’t fail to notice the media clamour, and subsequent political posturing, over the ‘Big Six’ energy companies rising their prices this autumn.   Energy customers are crying out to the political system to do something about raising prices, and politicians are falling over themselves to oblige. Homeowners…