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Environmental impacts of CO2-EOR: a joint industry report

Last year I researched and wrote a report titled “Environmental Impacts of CO2-EOR (The Offshore Context)” for a Scottish Joint Industry Project (JIP). The report has finally been published, so I thought I would provide an online summary of the key findings. The report was commissioned and funded by the Scottish Carbon Capture and Storage…

Tumbleweed Geyser

Field Report from Utah

Having just returned home after a couple of weeks of fieldwork in Utah, USA, it seemed appropriate to stick up a wee post about what I got up to out there. The aim of the fieldwork was two-fold: Primarily to collect water samples from ten CO2-driven geysers/springs in the San Rafael desert area to the…


Critique of the Week

Don’t let the post title fool you – I’m not intending on doing a weekly pull-apart of someone else’s ideas or writing.  But…maybe…  Nah, let’s see how this one goes first, shall we? Now, this gives me no particular pleasure, but I have to get some strong thoughts off my chest with regard to Jeff…