Visualising Some Tickled North Sea Data

Following up from my last post, where I discovered some mad data tickling skillz, here are some visual fruits of my labour.  You may recall from my post on what my research covers, that I’m particularly interested in water production from North Sea oil and gas fields.  In the future, offshore CO2 storage projects may…

North Sea SST

Tickling North Sea data using R

Right at the start of my PhD, pretty much the first thing my supervisor sat me down to do was to learn R (see CRAN for download).  I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t really see the use of a statistical programming language for the kind of work I envisaged doing.  Two years later…well,…


Global Energy Systems Conference 2013 – Day 3

The final day of GES 2013 started with Prof. Michael Jefferson giving his keynote address, which you can read here: Prof. Jefferson keynote.  It was an honest (read: depressing) appraisal of how policy has failed to bring about changes in energy generation and consumption over the past 40 years towards something more sustainable. Prof. Jefferson’s…

Carbon budget

Global Energy Systems Conference 2013 – Day 2

Where yesterday’s talks focused very much on traditional, or conventional, energy sources such as coal, gas and oil, today’s presentations covered topics on the opportunities (or not) to transition away from high carbon electricity to sources such as nuclear and renewables, and the challenges they face.  Day 2 (theme: The Future of the Electricity System),…

US crude oil production

Global Energy Systems Conference 2013 – Day 1

Someone once said “Better late than never”; I couldn’t agree more wholeheartedly!  Especially as it has taken me nearly 2 years since I started my PhD to finally get a science blog going, and more pressingly, over two weeks to finally get around to blogging about the Global Energy Systems Conference (26 – 28 June…