Some satisfaction with R

Casual readers of this blog will know that I’ve been using R (a statistical programming language) to sort out some data and plot some graphs. It’s a minor dabbling, and one which is often frustrating. I’m not a natural coder, and I certainly don’t relish the challenges it throws up. But, having used R on…


Visualising Some Tickled North Sea Data

Following up from my last post, where I discovered some mad data tickling skillz, here are some visual fruits of my labour.  You may recall from my post on what my research covers, that I’m particularly interested in water production from North Sea oil and gas fields.  In the future, offshore CO2 storage projects may…

North Sea SST

Tickling North Sea data using R

Right at the start of my PhD, pretty much the first thing my supervisor sat me down to do was to learn R (see CRAN for download).  I’ll be honest and admit that I didn’t really see the use of a statistical programming language for the kind of work I envisaged doing.  Two years later…well,…